Patent Samples

6,426,471 Mouse Application
6,441,799 Polyurethane foam concealment panel
6,445,293 Versatile Camera System for Secure Document
6,470,759 Load Cell Groove
D426,342 Glass Shade
D434,172 Light fixture
D435,683 Closed glass shade for light fixture
D439,365 Glass Shade
D441,127 Glass Shade
D442,734 Glass Shade
D443,946 Glass Shade
D448,108 Glass Shade
D449,129 Glass Shade
D451,626 Lamp
D452,032 Lamp
D456,841 Folder
D459,538 Light Cord Fixture
6,576,849 Jagxtreme Application
6,654,861 Method to manage multiple communication queues in an 8-bit microcontroller
D482,451 Dental Holder
D484,195 Toy Train
6,717,611 Multiple Channel Video Recording using a single video bus
D489,851 Scraper
D492,171 Wrench
6,822,172 Combined Vehicle Scale Through the Use of Lateral Connections
6,834,570 Finger Wrench
6,845,500 Paradigm for Server-side Dynamic Client Code Generation
6,875,122 Laser Putting Device
6,880,100 Peer-to-Peer Fault Detection
6,894,232 Bagger Scale
6,898,855 Ergonomic Scraper
6,910,968 Worldwide casino tour promotion and acceptance system and method
6.910.977 Waist and Knee Powered Projectile Propelling Device
6,919,516 RF-Truck Scale
6,964,049 Smart Internetworking Operating System for Low Computational Power Microprocessors
6,965,935 Network architecture for internet appliancesĀ 
6,972,384 Internet Scale Application
6,980,118 Method and Apparatus for Measuring Strokes Rating in Rowing
6,990,978 Method and system for vaporization of a substance
7,003,774 Multidimensional Advanced Adaptive Software
7,006,454 Method used to create Multihop RF Network based on a low performance 8 bit microcontrollers
7,026,557 Apparatus and Method for Weighting Objects on a Fork lift Truck
7,058,055 Method of Device-to-device Communications in Hybrid Distributed Device Control Networks
7,066,697 Donnage Transport Device
7,128,174 Drilling and Anchoring Device for Diverse Applications
D528,860 Dippy Cup
D533,287 Lamp
D533,288 Lamp
7,147,860 Composition for Symptomatic Relief of Vaginitis
D534,752 Shower Tray
7,166,072 Sexual Therapy Device
D551720 Game Board
D558,589 Bottle
7,437,708 Enhanced Software Components
D583,427 Ball
D588335 Shirt
7,537,159 The present invention relates to a voting input means, system devices and methods.
7,624,550 Integral Composite-Structure Construction System
7,735,746 Device for Insulated Joint for Joining Rails
7,785,515 Heat Applied Melted-On Faceted Beads
7,865,597 Method for Smart Device Network Application Infrastructure (SDNA)
D621,975 Fluorescent Lamp
D632,711 Bead Attachment Machine
7,735,745 Device for Joining Rails
7,762,530 Cable Puller
7,918,330 Made to a Grain Conveyor